School Owerre Ezukala/Anambra State

School Owerre Ezukala/Anambra State

Schools without water toilets!

In the 1980s, HIFA built a school for 320 students in Owerre Ezukala/Anambra State, the hometown of Rev. Fr. Aaron Ekwu, co-founder of HIFA. The joy was immense.  

But this school has since become overcrowded. The children were taught in surrounding rooms and even in the church.

HIFA transferred €10,000 for the addition to the school. It is the amount that Adolf Paster received as a gift for his 80th birthday for this project. With this money, the basic structure was completed.

Owerre Ezukala Grundsteinlegung
Owerre Ezukala Baufortschritt
Owerre Ezukala Schulklasse

There is no well near the school and there are no water toilets. The children have to walk up to an hour to fetch water. There is also no school bus.

Now we want to solve the water problem and ask for your support for a well! 

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