Mission and Aims


The HIFA (Help for All) is an organization whose mission is development through cooperation with a Christian focus. While independent from the state and the church, the HIFA looks to cooperate closely with both in the countries where the HIFA works. The HIFA works in African countries as well as in Eastern Europe and Austria.

The Austrian registration number of the organization is 416826572.


In the broadest sense the HIFA seeks a socioeconomic development policy in the vein of Christian economic ethicists such as that developed by the “Freiwirtschaft” school of thought. In this context the HIFA is also concerned with project development and project policies. The organization supports the defense of Human Rights, which are naturally derived from the dignity of human beings. Dignity has its origin in God’s own likeness.

The Mission of the ARGE (“Arbeits Gemeinschaft” or “Working Team”):

In order to achieve the full potential of each of the three member groups of the ARGE, the FRATERNITAET (Fraternity)HIFA (Help for All), and INWO (International Economic Associat, the ARGE provides for a cooperative effort which is needed to develop the full potential of each group, each of which is tasked with their own responsibilities.