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We have been working and improving the quality of life for Nigerians since 1971. The HIFA helps improve healthcare in Nigeria with your donations, also helps needy children, the poor, and disadvantaged, to access medical care, education, and life-sustaining essentials, like water. Support our work and make a positive change in the world. Every donation counts and we, and Nigerians, are extremely grateful for your help.

💙 Child Sponsorship Aid

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With a child sponsorship at HIFA, you can give a child a future and provide them with a chance for a better life through education. Become a sponsor now and support us in our efforts to give children a future.

With HIFA, you can be sure that your donation will directly reach the people who need it the most. Since 1971, we have been working passionately to ensure that Nigerians have a chance for a better life. Our registration number with the Austrian Tax Office (SO 1527) as a charitable organization means that your donations are tax-deductible. Moreover, we are committed to the highest standards of transparency and integrity. Child sponsors receive an annual report detailing the expenditures for which donations are used, our annual newspaper keeps our members informed, and even more information is readily available on our website. You can confidently demonstrate your empathy with your donations and truly help those who need it with the HIFA.

💙 Vocational Training in Calabar

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By supporting the Calabar Vocational Workshop, you are helping young people in Nigeria learn a trade thus giving them an opportunity at a better future. With your donation, you can support their education in metalworking, roofing, automotive, and electrical thus enhancing their skills, and helping teachers. Visit the project now, on our website, to learn more about their remarkable efforts.

With every donation, you can change a life! Every euro counts and helps us reach even more children and families in need. Please make a difference now and support us in our life-changing projects. Together, we can create a better future for children in difficult circumstances. Please become part of our mission and donate to HIFA!

💙 You have many opportunities to support the work of HIFA through your donation:

Discover our project portfolio now and let your heart speak for a good cause.

Support Our Mission to Bring Hope and Life

The inspiration that drives us at HIFA, every day, comes from the boundless love and commitment of our founder, Adolf Paster († 2022) who, along with his wife, Martha, saw a desperate need to help during the Biafra War. We work hard every day to continue his legacy and give hope and a chance for a better life to those in greatest need. With your donation, we can transform the suffering of so many and bring joy. Become part of our mission and help us bring hope and life. Thank you in advance for your support.

This mission began many years ago with the brave efforts of Rev. Fr. Dr. Aaron Ekwu († 1989) and Adolf Paster, the former President of HIFA. Together, they began in 1969 to support the starving population of the Biafra region during the war in Nigeria, and continued their work following the end of hostilities.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Aaron Ekwu is revered in his homeland as “Father of the Poor” and his beatification process is currently underway in Rome. His sudden death in 1989 in a traffic accident reminds us how important it is to continue and improve the lives of others as much as we can.

Every day that we advocate for the needs of others and help them improve their lives, we honor the memory of Rev. Fr. Dr. Aaron Ekwu and Adolf Paster. As “Father of the Poor” and President of HIFA, they changed the lives of many people and continue to inspire us to continue their mission.

In both of them, we see a strong example of how we can use our lives for our neighbors and create a better future for all. With our work at HIFA, we carry on their legacy and advocate for those in greatest need. Together, let us honor the memory of Rev. Fr. Dr. Aaron Ekwu and Adolf Paster by continuing to make a difference in the lives of people in need.

💙 Shopping & supporting

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Become part of our mission by supporting the Vocational Training Center Calabar by purchasing CDs.

💙 Spread Hope

With every word you speak about HIFA and every recommendation you pass on, you can help more people learn about our work and support us. Share our website and projects on social networks with your friends and family and show that you believe in a better future for those in need. Every click and every share button can help us reach more people and give more people hope and opportunity. We are grateful for any support and mention you give us.

With Gratitude,

Uwe Kraus, President of HIFA, and the presiding members of the Board