Attention! Warning about fraud and deception!

Please note:

We will never ask you to enter or confirm TANs, account and credit card information by email or phone!

We will never provide you with bank details other than those on our homepage by email or phone.

Notes on fraud and deception

Unfortunately, there are cases where people pretend to be HIFA (Help for All) employees. They deceive people out of their money. This money does not benefit those in need!

In the past, such attempts have been made by phone calls, emails, social networks, or similar on the internet.

Therefore, we provide some tips to minimize and avoid fraud attempts. We implore you for your cooperation and in case of suspicion, please inform us.

We will never ask you to transfer donations to an account other than our donation account.

Our donation account is with Raiffeisenbank and is 2 606 226, BLZ 32000,
IBAN: AT 733 200 000 002 606 226, BIC: RL NWATWW Account holder: HIFA (Help for All).

We will never ask you for cash. Our employees are not allowed to accept donations in cash. Exceptions are sales events and official meetings such as the general assembly where donations are accepted. There will always be a deposit receipt.

We will never ask you to book a trip for us.

We organize and coordinate all trips of our volunteers ourselves. In case of passport loss or visa problems, our volunteers contact the responsible HIFA office. We then support them in all matters.

If you are unsure whether a donation request is legitimate, please contact the police or our office and inquire:

Association HIFA (Help for All)

Ramsteinstraße 5
3203 Rabenstein 

T    +43 2723/2876 

We condemn the use of our name for fraudulent purposes and take all reports of fraud very seriously. If you suspect that you are a victim of fraud related to a supposed employee of HIFA (Help for All), please write to us at the following address: 

Furthermore, we recommend that you report the fraud case to the police, who can initiate investigation and legal action.