The heart of HIFA: Committed, versatile, and together for a better world!

The heart of HIFA: Committed, versatile, and together for a better world!

We at HIFA (Help for All) would like to introduce ourselves and give you an insight into our work and team. As a Christian-oriented association for development cooperation and aid projects, we are committed to making the world a better place and helping people in need. We are proud of our team of experts for various projects and fields who work passionately and dedicatedly to achieve our goals.

We are a volunteer association and work with a lot of passion for our mission. Our members bring different expertise and experiences and work together to make the world a better place.

Helping with Heart – We seize every opportunity to help the poor.

We would like to give you an insight into our work and team and show you what drives us to help strangers in need voluntarily. With a lot of commitment and passion, we are working towards a better world and supporting people in need.

Founder and President of Honor

Adolf Paster - Ehrenpräsident und Gründer von HIFA - Hilfe für alle

Adolf Paster

born 1930 and date of passing: 2022
President of Honor, Founder and President
from 1971-2013

In 1971 Adolf decided in consensus with his family to quit his job as manager of a publishing company only dedicating his time for HIFA.

Together for the Needy: Adolf Paster and HIFA – Because We Are All There for Each Other.

Why did he work for HIFA?

  • because my neighbor is as important to me as myself;
  • because no one gets full from talking;
  • because the HIFA is a good foundation for the realization of the saying “one for all, all for one”;
  • because, in its 40 year existence the HIFA has, and is still, achieving this goal.

President and Consultant for Technical Projects

Dipl. Ing. Uwe Kraus

Dipl. Ing. Uwe Kraus

born 1949
Präsident, 2009 – 2013 Projektreferent
Communications Engineer and Technical Physics.
After several years of industry praxis, he became a teacher (electronics) at a technical high school for 25 years in Vienna, also serving as a Student Career Adviser
Took part in the ARGE meeting in October 2008 and was co-opted into the HIFA board in 2009.

Together for a Better Future.

Why do I work for HIFA?

During my first contact with Adolf Paster I noticed, that we have the same basic mindset with regard to religious beliefs and life. I want to support vocational and professional education in Nigeria and it seems possible to me, to realize my ideas with the HIFA.

Consultant for Medical Projects

Dr. Ulrike Schauer - Präsidiumsmitglied HIFA

Dr. Ulrike Schauer 

born 1958
Speaker for medical projects

Retired public health official; I support all medical projects and provide advice on health prevention and environmental issues.

Because Every Person Counts and Together We Can Make a Difference.

Why do I work for HIFA?

When I am confronted with problems and developmental needs, it is my concern to use my efforts for the benefit of people and provide assistance. I simply think of “Nigeria” in my daily life. Through my stay, I have gained friends and met committed and grateful people.

Secretary and Time Keeper

Mag. Silvia Rainer - Präsidium

Mag. Silvia Rainer  

born 1948
Art Historian and Painter, mother of 8.

I have known and have been associated with the HIFA since 1972. I have sponsored 10 godchildren and I have sat on the board of the HIFA since 1992.

Sponsorships that Connect Hearts.

Why do I work for HIFA?

I have 8 children and therefore I know about the importance education. I am very thankful for having healthy children, therefore I sponsor a godchild for each one of my own, and later on I will sponsor two more. In our board-meetings I work to emphasize the child sponsorship program.

Representative for School Projects and Lector

christine tarnai hammer praesidium 1

Christine Tarnai-Hammer, MA

born 1949
Mother of three sons, teacher (which also means educator and entertainer), conducts therapeutic painting, part-time lecturer for the Pedagogic University Extension, Master of Arts in Intercultural Competencies.
Has sat on the board of the HIFA as General Secretary since 1992.

For a Just World: Help for Self-help.

Why do I work for HIFA?

I choose to use my time, knowledge, skills and strength for the purpose of helping others, particularly with a focus on human dignity and justice. My trip to Nigeria in 2003 showed me that people don’t need a handout as much as they need a helping hand in order to help themselves.

Vice President and General Director

Ulrike Mayr, MAS - Geschäftsführerin - HIFA

Ulrike Mayr, MAS    

born 1955
Social Services Manager for Lower Austria, Social Worker, Business Adviser and Consultant.

I have worked for the HIFA since it was founded in 1971and first went to Nigeria in 1975. I have been the General Manager, and Vice-president of the HIFA since 2003.

Efficient Organization for a Better World.

Why do I work for HIFA?

I believe it is important to immerse ourselves in other cultures in order to learn from one another that which is possible and about that which touches us. As General Manager and Vice-President of the HIFA it is very important to me that the administration and organization of the projects is done efficiently and that donations are handled diligently and in a timely manner.

Representative for Vocational Trades

Johann Schill laechelnd 150x150 2

Johann Schill 

born 1964
Tin-smith and teacher at a trade school in Lower Austria

Vocational Trades Representative
Trading Projects Adviser in Nigeria

100% Donations Arrive – 100% Happiness.

Why do I work for HIFA?

I am engaged at HIFA because I am able to monitor and advise trading projects and train teachers in Nigeria.
Doing so, I am able to do good. There is no better feeling than seeing the joy of people when they are able to use what they have learned.
All donations are used for their intended purpose.


Martha Paster - Finanzreferentin

Martha Paster

born 1931
Founding member,

has worked at the HIFA since its inception. Treasurer and bookkeeper, she has worked without a salary since 1974.

HIFA: A Tool of God to Help Others.

Why do I work for HIFA?

It is important to me that everybody who works for the HIFA feels well, and that God’s blessing is on our work. Therefore, we always lay our work in the hands of God, just as Aaron Ekwu exemplified with his life.

Representative for Agricultural Projects

DI. Festus Imarhiagbe, born 1960 in Benin City Nigeria.

Dipl. Ing. Festus Imarhiagbe  

born 1960 in Benin City Nigeria
Agricultural scientist, project officer and consultant
Agribusiness expert, capacity building, youths training and empowerment
Christian counseling and pastoral care.

Together for Respectful and Ethical Project Work.

Why do I work for HIFA?

The foundation of my work with HIFA is appreciative and respected.
There is a  good understanding of team work among the members of HIFA organization.
The project policies are well defined, constructive and are based on christian ethic of economic development.