Our exhibition

includes 400 exhibits, many of which are objects from everyday life in Nigeria, as well as items related to religion, culture, education, and the people and land of Nigeria.

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Workshops “Experiencing Africa with all your senses”

For three days, children and young people could experience, learn about, and try out 13 stations related to Africa. In 2011, a total of 200 students from Rabenstein and two classes from Vienna (Steinbrechergasse Middle School) participated.

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Even more photos – what the children and young people experienced

African Festival

The conclusion and highlight after the 3-day workshops “Experiencing Africa with all your senses” was the African Festival. Many people came to dance with us, drink palm wine, taste plantains and yams, and marvel at the presentations from the “Experiencing Africa with all your senses” workshops.

The Nigerian music group “Agidigbo” from Salzburg brought African flair to Rabenstein, Austria.

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Report in the district newspaper with many photos

Pictures from the African Festival