Assistance in Austria

Assistance in Austria

“At the edge is lostness, that nobody notices, in the center is being good, everyone holding onto each other.”

(Georg Feuser, „Altmeister“ der Integration)

Time and again, and lately more and more frequently, we receive cries for help from people in need in Austria. We have done our best to help and tried to alleviate the worst distress, especially with donations from the donation pot for “most urgent project”.

We received the following cry for help, for example:

A single mother with her son. She was just “keeping her head above water” with her meager income as a caretaker. It was always very important to her to pay the bills for the apartment – she always wanted to prevent the threat of homelessness.

In the summer, she had water damage that completely ruined the floors and furniture in the kitchen and living room. The property owner replaced the floors and she received 500€ from the insurance for the broken, unusable furniture, since the furniture was already very old.

“Dear Ulrike! I am ashamed because I am not strong at all and can’t cope with this situation. I had problems with the extractor hood, then the stove and refrigerator broke, then the washing machine and as a result, the entire floor. We were without a refrigerator all summer. I still don’t have a kitchen because I can’t afford to buy it. I have no way to cook. There is a small gas stove in the bathroom, which I am using to cook at the moment. I used the money from the insurance for the rent arrears that have now arisen. I have been sleeping on the floor for 3 months. You can’t imagine how I’m living now! Please come over, you have to see it. I don’t know what to do anymore and I’m at the end of my strength…”

I visited Mrs. E. and promised her that we would not leave her in the lurch. Our donors joined my promise and helped Mrs. E.

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