School Uru Lokpaukwu – A new school in a village in the bush

School Uru Lokpaukwu – A new school in a village in the bush

The women of Uru Lokpaukwu/ Abia State approached Rev. Fr. Josephat Nwankwo and asked if HIFA could support them.

The community of the village Uru Lokpaukwu had started building a structure that was supposed to serve as a school, but unfortunately they couldn’t finish the project on their own. We promised quick help, especially where the self-initiative is so great, a project promises to succeed.

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We have adapted the building, almost completed it, and purchased the equipment. Fr. Josephat was able to attract a women’s order that sent sisters to Uru Lokpaukwu who organize the school operation well. With great joy, the responsible women of the village gathered and welcomed the sisters with a small celebration – as seen in the photo on the left. The school was able to open its doors in September. The photo on the right was taken on the first day of school.

We started the project as quickly and urgently needed help and asked for your support, especially to secure the financing!

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♡ Support schoolchildren now – in Uru Lokpaukwu

HIFA (Help for All),
urgently requests donations for the children in Uru Lokpaukwu

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