Photovoltaic Project in Okigwe and Ihube/Imo State

Photovoltaic Project in Okigwe and Ihube/Imo State

This old water-cooled generator supplies a radiology station with electricity. It is a reliable but environmentally unfriendly form of energy supply.

Electricity must almost always be generated with generators in Nigeria because the public grid in some areas, such as the rural region around Okigwe/Imo State, has not supplied any electricity for many years.

Power supply like this …


or like this?

Photovoltaik Anlage - Solaranlage - Ihube - Afrika

Photovoltaic System – Solar System – Ihube/Imo State 

Generating electricity with generators brings major environmental problems. Not only are the engines leaky, but during oil changes, oil simply flows onto the ground and into the groundwater. Used oil filters are often found next to the generators.

As an alternative to generators, we plan to install a 5 kVA photovoltaic system. This system is intended to supply schools, the rectory, and the water supply of the village with electricity in Ihube. The money saved with the solar system for fuel and generators will be deposited into the revolving fund. This could then be used to co-finance further systems.

With €20,000, we can purchase a large portion of the materials. We are very pleased to have the amount for the solar project together. It took longer than planned, but thanks to an extremely generous donation, we can now get started!

We have started to obtain binding offers.

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