Christmas meditation from Nigeria

Christmas meditation from Nigeria

Msgr. Hypolite Adigwe was a fellow student and friend of HIFA co-founder Dr. Aaron Ekwu (+ 1989).

They studied together in Vienna. (Left photo: Hypolite Adigwe, right: Aaron Ekwu)

Make room for all

Your people are suffering Lord! 
Do you not see that? 
Your people are dying Lord! 
Are you not aware?

We have knocked at your door 
It seems to remain closed 
And rather we got the news 
It is total lockdown

Joseph knocked at doors 
No one had opened any 
For there was no room left 
For your Christ Jesus

So they chose the manger 
To share with the beasts 
And that was just the room 
Ready for your Son

Now we cry to you Lord 
how us the manger too 
So we can lodge with beasts 
To escape from the corona

And when the evil wind goes 
Shall we open the gates 
To strike a new human life 
That makes room for all?

Hypolite Adigwe 
Christmas, 2020