Orphanage in Entebbe/ Uganda

Orphanage in Entebbe/ Uganda

In the north-west of Entebbe in Bulwany, there is farmland used to grow staple foods for the orphanage and two cattle are kept.

HIFA has financed the construction of a well in this area, whereby the water is also available to the farmers for a small contribution.

What is the mission of the orphanages?

John Sebulime: “We look after abandoned and neglected children who are referred to us by the police or probation offices. Some children come from precarious family situations based on poverty and the resulting criminality. In the orphanages at all locations, the children receive education, psychosocial support, medical care, two meals a day – meals are brought in or cooked by the children themselves – and a place to sleep. As soon as a child is accepted, a search is made for the family and, if successful, the child is reunited with the family.I am a teacher by profession, I teach visual arts at Nsangi Secondary School and I like to help out at the orphanage from time to time.We are convinced that every child needs a family.”

Where are the orphanages located?

There are several locations:
Pubah/Nkumba Central: 13 of the youngest children are accommodated here, 9 staff are employed.
Dana Campus in Bukandekande/ Kitala: 28 of the older children who go to school are accommodated here, 11 members of staff are employed.

Older children can receive vocational training, mostly in manual trades, at the Wakiso (Vocational Centre Entebbe), which works closely with the orphanage.

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It is managed by the following persons:

Remmie Susan Kimera and Katende Joram, who are currently studying in Canada, Barbara Nalubidde, John Mary Sebulime .
The orphanage relies on donations, but some rooms are also rented out to generate an income.
Teachers, nuns and other volunteers carry out the work in the orphanages.

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Who is Remmie Susan Kimera?

Remmie Susan Kimera is the founder and director of the orphanage in Entebbe/Uganda. She founded the orphanage in 2009 and has since worked tirelessly to provide abandoned and neglected children in Uganda with a safe environment and the support they need. As a role model for her staff, Mrs Kimera has shown that much can be achieved through hard work and perseverance, even without government support. Although she faces many challenges, such as financial constraints and inadequate infrastructure, she never gives up and continues to fight for the welfare of the children in her orphanage. Mrs Kimera is a remarkable personality and a role model for all those involved in humanitarian projects.

Who is John Mary Sebulime?

John Mary Sebulime is one of the directors of the orphanages in Uganda. He is a teacher by profession and teaches fine arts at Nsangi Secondary School. In addition to his teaching activities, he is also involved in the orphanages and has been in charge of them together with Barbara Nalubidde for four years. Together with other teachers, nuns and volunteers, he ensures that abandoned and neglected children in the orphanages receive medical care, psychosocial support and an education. John Mary Sebulime is convinced that every child needs a family and is committed to ensuring that the children in the orphanages are well looked after.

Who is Barbara Nalubidde?

Barbara Nalubidde works closely with John Sebulime and Katende Joram as one of the directors of the orphanages in Uganda.

Together, they ensure that abandoned and neglected children in the orphanages receive medical care, psychosocial support and an education.Nalubidde has experienced being an orphan herself and is therefore particularly committed to ensuring that the children in the orphanages have a loving and safe environment. In addition to her work in the orphanages, she is also involved in other charitable projects in Uganda.

Who is Katende Joram Raymond?

Katende Joram Raymond (born on 29 September 1987) (why a year of birth here?) is one of the directors of the orphanages in Uganda.He himself lived in an orphanage as an orphan and benefited from the facilities. Joram is committed to giving something back and is working to improve the lives of the children in the orphanages. In addition to his work in the orphanages, he is currently studying in Canada. Together with Remmie Susan Kimera, John Sebulime and Barbara Nalubidde, he ensures that the orphanages in Uganda are run successfully. HIFA supports the orphanages in Uganda and in the past has helped to finance well construction and agricultural projects in the region in order to provide the children with a balanced diet. In addition to his work in the orphanages, Joram is also a professional footballer and used to play for the Malaysian Premier League team Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Report and interview: Johann Schill (Member of the HIFA Executive Committee, Project Manager for Vocational Training)