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Fünf afrikanische Jungen in einem Dorf in Nigeria, lächelnd und frech, gekleidet in kurze Hosen und T-Shirts. Der Boden ist trocken und karg.
Change a child’s life – Sponsor a child

Transform the life of a child in Africa through child sponsorship. With just a small contribution, y…

Johann Schill mit einer Gruppe von afrikanischen Männern, welche strahlend in die Kammera blicken und Daumen nach oben zeigen.
WAKISO – a vocational training center  in Entebbe / Uganda

Johann Schill, a board member and lecturer for artisanal projects at HIFA, supported the expansion o…

Schule Uru Lokpaukwu
School Uru Lokpaukwu – A new school in a village in the bush

The HIFA team was able to quickly and successfully implement the school project in Uru Lokpaukwu, an…

Porträt von DI. Festus Imarhiagbe,der strahlend lächelnd in die Kamera schaut. Im Hintergrund ist ein geöffneter Kofferraum eines Autos zu sehen.
Life through self-sufficiency – Support our mission to defeat hunger

HIFA and DI Festus Imarhiagbe are working together to empower the people in the villages of Urulokpa…

Fraternität - eine Gemeinschaft mit Menschen und Handicap
Fraternity for People with Disabilities

Unfortunately, I cannot generate a 150-character text excerpt in English based on your last request …

Individual aid

Sometimes people find themselves in situations where they don't know how to proceed. We support them…

slumprojekt okpoko
 Slum Project in Okpoko/Anambra State

This project in the slum area of Okpoko is led by Dr. Joyce Ezeugo. Its aim is to alleviate the heal…

Lehrwerkstätte Ikot Ekpene
Vocational Training Center Ikot Ekpene/Awka Ibom State

The vocational training center in Ikot-Ekpene requires a generator and additional tools for wood pro…

Mikrofinanzdarlehen - Kleinkredit - Erfolg - Familie - Mutter - Kinder
Microfinance loans – Success with small loans!

HIFA microcredits help women and men in Nigeria to start small businesses or run market stalls. HIFA…

Mobile Medical Station

HIFA’s mobile clinic in Nigeria provides basic medical care to remote villages. The clinic is staffe…

rehacenter ozubulu
Rehacenter Ozubulu/Anambra State

Rehacenter Recdot provides children and young people in Nigeria with physical disabilities the oppor…

schule owerre ezukala
School Owerre Ezukala/Anambra State

HIFA supports the Owerre Ezukala school in Nigeria, which provides education and vocational training…

Alter Generator - WasserkĂĽhlung - Afrika
Photovoltaic Project in Okigwe and Ihube/Imo State

Let's put an end to environmentally harmful generators in Nigeria! A photovoltaic system for Ihube w…

Projekt: Lehrwerkstätte in Calabar, Nigeria, Afrika
Vocational Training Center in Nigeria: How HIFA is Changing the Future of Young People

HIFA is changing the future of young people in Nigeria by renovating vocational training centers and…

God is already doing His part what is lacking is our cooperation
Assistance in Austria

Hear the story of Mrs. E, a single mother struggling to keep up with expenses. Aid in Austria receiv…