Organization for Developmental Cooperation and Aid Projects


The HIFA organization is conducted by a Board. The board-members are elected for a period of 4 years by a general assembly of HIFA members. Management is delegated to Mrs. Ulrike Mayr, MAS. 

The Board Members of HIFA are:

Founder and President of Honor Adolf Paster, Date of Passing: 2022
President and Consultant for Technical Projects Dip.Ing. Uwe Kraus
Vice President and General Director Ulrike Mayr, MAS
Consultant for Medical Projects Dr. Ulrike Schauer
Representative for School Projects and Lector Christine Tarnai-Hammer, MA
Representative for Vocational Trades Johann Schill
Representative for Agricultural Projects Dipl. Ing. Festus Imarhiagbe
Treasurer Martha Paster
Secretary and Time Keeper  Mag. Silvia Rainer 

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