New woodworking machine

New woodworking machine

It’s time! We are taking the next step in the development and expansion of our Skill Acquisition Center! The center is located in the area of St. Patrick’s College in Calabar/Cross River State/Nigeria.

Our travel plans start in winter for the coming year. Last year there were presidential elections in Nigeria and there were fears that there would be serious electoral fraud and subsequent unrest. The fraud took place, but thank God there were no riots. At the moment the situation seems to be reasonably safe, so we will be on site from June 22nd to July 6th, 2024.

The carpentry premises are already being used eagerly for the graduation parties and it is time to start training the teachers on the new machines. Thanks to generous donations, the machines and equipment were taken over and will soon be taken to the shipping company and shipped so that they arrive at their destination on time.

IMG 20240322 WA0002

This time the participants on the trip to Calabar will be: Johann Schill (our beloved master John; he is now responsible for the coordination and also for the plumbing), Johann Madner (master carpenter in his civilian profession), Harald Reichart (vocational school teacher with a focus on English and communication, calculation) and Karlheinz Wachsenegger (he is a photographer and will document the work in the workshop with pictures). We keep our fingers crossed for them, wish them a good trip and God’s blessing.

IMG 20240322 WA0001
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