Easter Meditation

Easter Meditation

A few days ago, Hypolite sent us his meditation on Easter. It is marked by his empathy with the people in Nigeria who are exposed to the attacks of heavily armed herdsmen on the settlements of farmers, who are affected by attacks by members of Boko Haram and kidnappings.

Msgr. Hypolite Adigwe’s Easter meditation is not only a request to the Risen One, but also to “the world” that does not perceive the suffering of their fellow human beings worldwide.

Only when we no longer close our eyes to the suffering of people, does it become true: “He has truly risen, as He said.”


We are not far from Easter, the given time When the world will rejoice that You have risen, Risen to the glory, the glory of God and of humanity. But some are stuck on Friday, others on Saturday.

Where are you going, Lord, after you have risen? See those hanging on the cross of Friday, Those lying in the grave on Saturday. Where will you meet them?

On the way to Emmaus to share bread with them? At the Sea of Galilee to eat the fish you roasted? In the temple to show the signs of your healed wounds? Or will they remain forever in dark oppression?

Robbed of their land, they had to flee. Their fields are left barren without harvest. Their homes burned down to ashes. Weeping and crying, they bow in pain and sorrow.

What’s worse, the child sees no mother anymore The mother sees no child to nurse and caress The husband had to watch his wife being raped Before he disappeared – a victim of abduction.

Lord, when will they rise from the bed of mourning As you rose from the grave on Easter morning, To join the rejoicing humanity, To sing resurrexit sicut dixit (He is risen, as he said)?

Msgr. Hypolite Adigwe,
März 2021