Organization for Developmental Cooperation and Aid Projects


How did it start?

The HIFA was founded in Austria in 1971 as an organization for cooperative development.

die Gründer Aaron Ekwu und Chief Adolf PasterThe organization was founded by Rev. Fr. Dr. Aaron Ekwu, who passed away in 1989, and Adolf Paster, the actual president of the HIFA.

Both men were engaged in helping others, so together they started to support the starving population of the Biafra-region during the Civil War in Nigeria in 1971.

What has happened until now?

-20,000 sponsorships for one year each for children and adolescents from underprivileged families

-500 commercial and agricultural educations

-6 hospitals

-8 community water wells for villages and other communities

-Support for persons with long-term illnesses and handicapped persons through the FRATERNITAET

…and much, much more…

At this time Aaron Ekwu is in the process of beatification in Rome. He died in an accident in 1989.