Verein für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit und Hilfsprojekte

Yes, I would like to donate!


Every amount helps.

We are happy about every donation. ALL money you donate is dedicated to the project or area of concern you choose. 

And, your donation is tax deductible in Austria!
Our tax office registry number in Austria is: SO 1527.

The implementation of the automatic tax filing since 2017 has made it necessary for all organizations who take donations to deliver donor data to the Ministry of Finance. This data is first and last name, date of birth and the yearly amount of the donation.

We ask therefore, that you send us your first and last name and your date of birth.

You can also choose to withhold your data from the tax office, however, your donation will not be deductible. Donors must express their choice to withhold their data to HIFA. 

The Austrian account number at Raiffeisenbank is 2 606 226, BLZ 32000,
IBAN: AT 733 200 000 002 606 226, BIC: RL NWATWW
Account holder: HIFA (Hilfe für alle).