Johann Schill – “the beloved Master John”

Johann Schill – “the beloved Master John”

Johann Schill, who is known as “the beloved Master John” in Calabar/Cross River State, has been very committed to projects in Nigeria.

We are delighted to welcome the plumber and teacher to the board of directors.

Several times, the teacher from Mistelbach, a village in Lower Austria, has undertaken great missions in Nigeria. His commitment to the Calabar vocational training project ranges from on-site assistance to advisory work on other vocational projects. He also gives lectures and educational talks in kindergartens and schools. His motivation comes from his own positive experiences in Calabar/Nigeria, as well as the assurance that the project donations reach those in need 100%, and there is no better feeling than helping others.

If you are interested in a lecture by Johann Schill, simply give him a call: +43 676 6928455

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